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Everything you need to know to create, manage, and sustain your own wildflower ecosystem

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Yellow Rattle for natural grass control

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Blur the Line Between Agriculture and Ecology with Ancient Forest Rye

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Meadow Installation, Management Support, Consulting, and Custom Seed Mixes

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Seeds for the Inland Northwest

Expanding Options for Our Friends East of the Cascades

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Explore the Life Cycles of Pollinators, Beneficial Insects, and the Habitats That Sustain Them in These Educational Guides

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Start Your Seed in the Gold Standard Nursery Cells for Native Plant Propagation

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Native Grasses

For habitat restoration, soil stabilization, and more

SIngle Species Packets

Create your own custom wild spaces with true Northwest native species

The Art of the Meadow: Updates from the Farm

Winter Hedgework

As the end of the year closes in, we would like to thank you – our customer-friends – for your support. The work you do to bring interesting masterpieces and...

Meadow Management Season

October is the month of foggy mornings. Of vast dew-covered spider webs tangled in the hedgerows. It’s the month of field cutting. Of meadow management. There’s a common assumption that...

Notes on a Late Spring Day

It’s been a terrific wet spring west of the Cascades. Strangely enough, we all hear grumblings about this cool, wet, season, despite it being a cosmic gift. Our local prairies...

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