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American Vetch Seeds (Vicia americana)

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An outstanding wildlife plant for wild lawns and every kind of meadow.

Despite the fact that this small perennial, climbing, twining wildflower occurs in most of North America’s meadow, prairie, and grassland regions, American vetch rarely gets noticed.

This is unfortunate since it is a long-blooming little plant with pink- or fuchsia-colored flowers, and is a host plant for MANY species of butterflies (including the western tailed blue (Cupido amyntula), the eastern tailed blue (Cupido comyntas), the silvery blue (Glaucopsyche lygdamus), the Funereal duskywing (Erynnis funeralis), and the western sulphur (Colias occidentalis) to name just a few!). Moreover, American vetch is an exemplary bumble bee plant.

Not at all aggressive or crowding in the way that non-native vetches are, American vetch typically forms fewer stems, remaining slender, and scarcely visible within a grassy canopy – its presence revealed mostly by small showy flowers during the late spring and summer months.

This is a plant that can be mowed periodically, one that both provides some browsing value for herbivores, while still growing back perfectly fine. As one of the most carefree native wildflowers it can grow in wet and dry conditions alike, supported by a surprisingly robust taproot with many branching fibrous roots. Plant this in full sun, or under a bit of partial shade. In either location, it tends to sprawl and weave itself among other vegetation, mostly staying the same height as the surrounding vegetation, and persisting for many years.

Things to Love:

  • Can be overseeded into existing grassy areas and wild lawns
  • Small fuchsia flowers are very long-lasting and “float” in meadows on thin discrete stems
  • Host plant for numerous butterflies -- especially the magically beautiful small blues (Family Lycaenidae)

Things to Know:

  • Seeds tend to have a high degree of dormancy and can benefit from pre-soaking in warm water before planting, or cold stratification
  • Best planted with grasses for support

Packet Size: Approximately 600+ seeds. (10 grams).