Professional Services

We have more than a decade of experience in native prairie and meadow establishment. This work ranges from small residential front yard prairies to expansive native pollinator meadows and grasslands that are many acres in size on corporate campuses, parks, and other facilities. All of this is informed by graduate-level training in environmental horticulture and years of daily real-world practice in meadowscaping and meadowcraft.

While we have limited capacity to take on new meadow installation work, we occasionally take on new clients and can provide a range of support services, including:

    • Site feasibility assessments for new meadow projects
    • Meadow installation oversight and project management
    • Direct meadow installation (including fully organic, herbicide-free installation services)
    • Weed management consulting
    • Ongoing maintenance of established meadows and natural areas

Our primary service area is the Seattle/Puget Sound region, although we will entertain project opportunities across the Northwest and beyond.

Video Conference Consultations

Due to limited capacity, we are only able to support a small number of meadow installation projects each year. However, we can provide remote video conference consultations to support projects of virtually any size. In most cases, a single 1-hour meeting can provide enough essential information to get projects off to a successful start, avoiding costly mistakes and pitfalls. We schedule video consultations on a weekly basis, more information and scheduling options can be found here.

Custom Mixes for Specialty Applications

We can develop custom mixes for specialty applications such as stormwater management, housing developments, utility corridors, solar farms, green roofs, roadsides, slope stabilization needs, riparian buffers and more.

Please note that inventory constantly changes and the availability of some species can change quickly. Please also note that minimum purchase amount may apply.

Seed Cleaning, Contract Production, and Wild Seed Harvesting

Our shop is equipped to clean seed of a variety of species with air screen cleaners, an air column separator, and other seed separation, and threshing tools. We can process raw material from a variety of species, including challenging plants to clean such as milkweed, fireweed, and fruit such as Nootka rose, and more.

We occasionally also perform contract production and wild seed harvesting. Our farm has soil conditions suitable for mesic and wetland seed production, and we are equipped with a highly maneuverable specialty native seed brush harvester that can go where traditional farm machinery cannot.

Please contact us to discuss your needs: