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Professional Services

Professional Services:

We Create Meadows, Hedgerows, and Constructed Wild Landscapes

We Work at the Intersection of Nature and Human Ecology

In addition to our seed and nursery trade, we occupy a unique niche in the landscape services sector with a hyper-focused professional support branch focused on meadow ecology, hedgerows, and other constructed wild landscapes.

 Examples of our professional support roles Include:

  • Restoration planning for new meadow features
  • Conservation and management guidance to protect and enhance existing natural spaces
  • Meadow, hedgerow, and Miyawaki forest installation
  • Evaluation of natural areas within human spaces for ecological quality and improvement potential
  • Custom seed mix and planting plan development for “out-of-the-box” green infrastructure

This work is informed by diverse professional credentials in restoration horticulture, pollinator biology and entomology, soil science, grassland/prairie/meadow ecology, and traditional land management practice.

We have extensive nationwide experience in both urban and rural landscapes -- with rooftops, residential spaces, office parks, industrial facilities, and more.

To discuss our availability, please contact our professional services branch via:


Professional Services Principal, Eric Lee-Mäder


Professional services at Northwest Meadowscapes are managed by principal and co-founder, Eric Lee-Mäder. With more than two-decades of career-experience in prairie and native plant ecology, conservation policy and economics, as well as pollinator conservation biology, Eric has worked nationwide to advance conservation science and practice in partnership with federal agencies, major companies, and individual people.


Major Books

  1. The Milkweed Lands. With B. Duncan. Storey Publishing.
  1. Farming with Soil Life: A Handbook for Supporting soil Invertebrates and Soil Health on Farms. With J. Hopwood, S. Frischie, and E. May. Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE).
  1. One Hundred Plants to Feed the Monarch. With S. Frischie, E. Pelton, S. Jepesen, S. McKnight, and S. Hoffman-Black. Storey Publishing.
  1. One Hundred Plants to Feed the Bees; Provide a Healthy Habitat to Help Pollinators Thrive. With J. Fowler, J. Vento, and J. Hopwood. Storey Publishing.
  1. Gardening for Butterflies. With S. Hoffman Black, B. Borders, C. Fallon, M. Shepherd, and R. Michael Pyle. Timber Press.
  1. Farming with Native Beneficial Insects: Ecological Pest Management Solutions. With J. Hopwood, L. Morandin, M. Vaughan, and S. Hoffman Black. Storey Publishing.
  1. Attracting Native Pollinators: Protecting North America’s Bees and Butterflies. With M. Shepherd, M. Vaughan, S. Hoffman Black, and G. LeBuhn. Storey Publishing.
  1. Managing Alternative Pollinators: A guide for growers, beekeepers, and conservationists. With M. Spivak, and E. Evans. Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE).


Research Publications

  1. Farming with Nature: Maximizing pollination, soil health, and pest management on farms. With K. Ullmann, J. Eckberg, M. Vaughan. United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.
  1. Assessing a farmland set-aside program for an endangered butterfly: USDA State Acres for Wildlife Enhancement for the Karner Blue Butterfly. With P. Kleintjes Neff, and C. Locke. Journal of Insect Conservation.
  1. Pollinator habitat enhancement: Benefits to other ecosystem services. With S. Wratten, M. Gillespie, A. Decourtye, N. Desneux. Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Environment.
  1. The Plight of the Bees. With M. Spivak, M. Vaughan, N. Euliss. Environmental Science and Technology.
  1. Landscape Scale Enhancement of Floral Resources for Honey Bees in Non-Cropped Farmlands. With A. Decourtye, N. Desneux. Apidologie.


Select Technical Guides

  1. Making Meadows: Creating Wildflower Meadow Ecosystems West of the Cascade Mountains. A Northwest Meadowscapes Zine.
  1. ハナバチに優しい農業: 農地で野生ハナバチに生息環境を贈るためのガイドライン. With M. Vaughan, J. Hopwood, M. Shepherd, C. Kremen, A. Stine, S. Black, 川口利奈, and 大野ゆかり訳. Pollinator Service Society of Japan.
  1. Interseeding Wildflowers to Diversify Grasslands for Pollinators. With D. Williams, J. Eckberg, J. Hopwood, R. Powers, M. Vaughan, K. Jokela, and S. Foltz-Jordan. The Xerces Society.
  1. Native Thistles: A Conservation Practitioner’s Guide. Plant Ecology, Seed Production Methods, and Habitat Restoration Opportunities. With J. Eckberg, J. Hopwood, S. Foltz Jordan, and B. Borders. The Xerces Society.
  1. Beneficial Insect Habitat Planning: Providing Habitat for Predators and Parasitoids of Crop Pests. With J. Hopwood, M. Vaughan, L. Morandin, and C. Kremen. The Xerces Society.
  1. Cover Cropping for Pollinators and Beneficial Insects. With A. Stine, J. Fowler, J. Hopwood, and M. Vaughan. Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE).
  1. Milkweeds: A Conservation Practitioner’s Guide. Seed production, restoration, and beyond. With B. Borders, B. The Xerces Society.
  1. Habitat Planning for Pollinators in the Pacific Islands Area. With J. Goldenetz-Dollar, B. Borders, G. Koob, K. Duvauchelle, G. Sakamoto, and M. Vaughan. USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.
  1. Beyond the Birds and the Bees: Effects of Neonicotinoid Insecticides on Agriculturally Important Beneficial Insects. With J. Hopwood, S. Hoffman Black, and M. Vaughan. The Xerces Society. Portland, OR.


Media And Select Talks

  1. Farmers of 40 Centuries. The North American Prairie Conference Keynote Address.
  1. Coming Soon to a Food Label Near You: ‘Bee-Friendly’ Certification. T. Greenway. Civil Eats.
  1. Crabapples and Camas: Alley Cropping at Northwest Meadowscapes. J. Paige. Snohomish Conservation District.
  1. Wild bees, threatened by warming and wildfires, get help from WA researchers. N. Turner. Seattle Times.
  1. Farmers Battle Against, and Now For, Milkweed. J. Taylor. Modern Farmer Magazine.
  1. Organic Farms: The Last Best Hope to Save Earth’s Wildlife. Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service (MOSES) Organic Farming Conference Keynote Address.
  1. Rootstock Radio. The Life We Don’t See. Rootstock Radio Farm Podcast.
2015. Bringing Bees Back. PBS Growing a Greener World Television Programme.