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Meadow Technical Consultations

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Video conference with us to ask questions, receive one-on-one guidance, and discuss technical issues of meadow installation and management.

Ready to create a front yard meadow or 10-acre camas prairie, but aren’t sure how to begin and carry out the process? Have an established meadow that you want to effectively manage for biodiversity and beauty?

We offer 1-hour video technical consultations to talk through your questions and ideas, identify potential pitfalls, and share our experience in native plant restoration and habitat management. This expert support allows many clients to gain the information needed to carry out major DIY projects, or to more efficiently guide landscape contractors, saving money and averting some mistakes.

Our consultations are guided by a deep focus on meadow and hedgerow plant ecology, wildlife conservation, native pollinator biology, and practical habitat management in both rural and highly urbanized settings. Conversations can be oriented around concept feasibility or focused on specific technical challenges, and you are welcome to include support teams such as contractors and architects.

We live, breath, and love meadows, and we’re excited to help you on this same journey. Please schedule a time to continue the conversation.

Sample Discussion Topics:

  • Site selection
  • Site preparation and weed removal
  • Species selection and seed mix formulation
  • Planting methodology and timing
  • Regulatory considerations for large-scale projects and critical areas
  • Erosion control during meadow establishment
  • Over-seeding and inter-planting into existing meadows and grasslands
  • Soil conditions
  • Managing existing meadows

Background: Our project technical support is guided by more than two-decades of direct “boots in the mud” habitat restoration work across the U.S., graduate training in horticulture and pollinator ecology, and extensive partnerships and support roles for city real estate managers, utility companies, landscape architecture firms, commercial landcare companies, conservation agencies, and numerous individual homeowners. We deliver practical, non-pretentious, support, and work to demystify the process of making and managing meadows.

Process: After scheduling a meeting time, our team will reach out with a Google Meet video link prior to the scheduled meeting time. You are also encouraged to email our shop any notes, photos, maps, or informational background relevant to the discussion.

For consultations on specific projects, the project, following details are especially helpful for us when initiating technical support:

+ Where is the project site located?

+ How large is the project area?

+ What was the prior land condition?

+ How has the vegetation on site been managed over the past decade? 

+ What is the ideal end goal?

+ What is the timeframe for achieving that ideal end goal?

From these initial discussion points, we can identify key considerations for more focused discussion.

You can read more about our work here, and here.