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Yusaki Nebuka Bunching Onion (結崎ネブカ)

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Believed to date back to between the 1300-1500s, this is a legendary green bunching onion from the Nara region of Japan, where, according to local lore it fell from the sky one day, along with a Noh theater mask. The local farmers buried the mask in the ground, and planted the onions on top. Since then, the Yusaki Nebuka onion variety has continued to grow lavishly in the region providing a profitable local specialty crop.

These are an exceptional everyday ingredient for soup bases, donburi garnishes, flash sauteed in stir fry, diced into okonomiyaki or scallion pancakes, cooked in tempura, and in miso soup.

The Yusaki Nebuka onion is a perennial, scallion-like plant, that regularly produces new bunching stems that can be harvested on a rotational basis. For stronger flavor, soil can be continually hilled-up around the plants to produce long, white blanched stems. Considered to have a higher nutrient content than other green onions, these are also slightly sweeter, and have softer leaves requiring a little extra care when handling.

1.0 gram (Approximately 150+ seeds).