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Winecup Clarkia Seeds (Clarkia purpurea)

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Easy to Grow!

Somewhat uncommon in nature. That’s probably the first thing that comes to mind when we think of this little plant with its sublime inky magenta flowers. That lack of wild abundance seemingly just stems from winecup clarkia’s need for disturbance, such as fire, to knock back weeds and open up new ground for it to grow. In fact, in recently burned grassy meadows it can suddenly appear the following year in clusters of hundreds of plants.

The same impact can be enjoyed in almost any semi-sunny bare garden spot you can provide for this plant. Moreover, this is a most excellent choice for use in more formal or ornamental settings as a bedding plant. Unlike other clarkia species, winecup tends to form nicely compact clumps about a foot in height and a foot in width, with flowers that are nicely saturated with color and well-distributed across the plant. Think of something like a slightly more upright petunia, but better because this actually attracts pollinators! This garden compatibility also extends to it being a good container plant, and slug resistant.

Native to southern Vancouver Islands, the lower Puget Trough, and most of Western Oregon and California where indigenous people historically harvested the seeds for food. Winecup clarkia is also a hostplant for the big and quite awesome bedstraw hawkmoth (Hyles gallii) with its massively long tongue and hummingbird-like flight. All of this makes this a great native wildflower to keep close to the house.

Approximately 4000 seeds (4.0 grams).