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Threadleaf Phacelia Seeds (Phacelia linearis)

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This tough annual wildflower is normally found east of the Cascades, however, ours originates from the small, separate populations occurring on cliff embankments around the Olympic Peninsula and Whidbey Island. This lineage makes it one of the rarest plants that we offer, and one that took a lot of effort to begin fostering a stable, sustainable source of seeds.

Threadleaf phacelia is adapted to dry, gravel, or sandy conditions with small, thin leaves that minimize the plant’s need for water. This trait allows it to persist in harsh conditions where many other native plants can’t compete with tougher, drought-adapted weeds. We’ve even found the plant growing in compacted gravel within an industrial shipyard.

Most phacelia species are pollinator magnets, and this one is no exception. One interesting group of insect visitors that are often uniquely attracted to this plant are the uncommon, gentle (and sometimes very rare!) masarid wasps, an unusual group of wasps that collect pollen to feed their offspring -- just like bees. (Most wasps are predatory and feed other insects to their young).

While very tolerant of drought and neglect, threadleaf phacelia will produce larger plants and more flowers when it grows in rich soils and with ample water. Supplies of this plant will remain limited.

Approximately 400 seeds per packet (0.3 grams).