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Softstem Bulrush Seeds (Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani)

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Found throughout much of the world, including arctic and tropical wetlands alike, softstem bulrush produces extensive root systems that expand into colonies of upright stems that can reach upwards of 6-feet in height (although slightly shorter plants are more common).

Softstem bulrush grows immediately in and around the water's edge, and can tolerate everything from completely flooded conditions to only slightly moist soils that are drying out after previous saturation.

It's an excellent waterfowl habitat plant -- providing ducks with good cover from predators. It also is a top performer for rain gardens, urban bioswales and wetland areas that --without a vegetative barrier -- are sensitive to human encroachment and vandalism.

The young shoots and roots of softstem bulrush are edible, and the triangular foliage is suitable for basket weaving.

1.0 grams (Approximately 200 - 400 seeds)