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Prairie Burnet Seeds (Sanguisorba annua)

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An overlooked, and structurally interesting meadow plant, that is an excellent food source for wildlife.

This annual member of the rose family is not exactly showy, but for meadow aficionados and native plant purists, prairie burnet is a fascinating delight. We love the interesting structure and texture this plant adds to a mix of more colorful wildflowers and native grasses with its greenish-white flowers that lack petals.

Normally occurring in damp grassy meadows across the western U.S., this humble plant is under-utilized in habitat restoration projects. Although the flowers are not showy, they do attract the occasional small native bees, the seeds are a food source for small mammals and birds, and the foliage is browsed by everything from elk to bears.

Prairie burnet can also tolerate a bit of partial shade, and it’s a nice contrasting addition to flower arrangements.

Approximately 200 seeds per packet (0.2 grams).