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Nodding Pink Onion Bulb-Stems (Allium Cernuum) Pre-Order Now for Fall 2024 (10 Ct.)

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An edible native onion that can survive tough sites

Pre-Order Now for Fall 2024 Shipping (Shipping starts late October 2024).

One of the more widespread North American wild onion species, nodding pink onion can survive in difficult site conditions such as sand, gravel, and even rock screes – while at the same time producing attractive white to fuchsia blossoms that droop like pendula from a central upright stalk. These downward hanging flowers are successfully pollinated by bees, which can grasp the flowers from an upside-down position (while other kinds of pollinators are more challenged to approach the flowers from below). 

Despite its tolerance for poor, dry soils, nodding pink onion reaches its full potential of about a foot in height in rich, mesic sites. However when started from seed, this slow-growing plant struggles to compete with taller, more vigorous vegetation typically found in richer soils. Bulb-stems circumvent this challenge by skipping the seedling stage with a more mature plant that is ready to grow, establish, and survive among other existing vegetation. 

Added to meadows, this plant can slowly increase population sizes through the development of small offset bulbs produced on larger plants that eventually break away to form new individual plants. Much like camas in this way, some occasional selective harvesting of larger plants for food should result in slow population increases of this plant within a meadow setting. 

Additionally, this is a great species for rock gardens, container meadows, and likely has good potential as a green roof species.

Pre-order now for fall shipping (beginning in late October -- on a first order in -- first order out basis). 

PLEASE NOTE: Due to phytosanitary restrictions, we are unable to ship bulbs to Canada at this time.

--We offer these in units of 10 bulb-stems (essentially the thick bulb-like base stems--