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Mule's Ears Seeds (Wyethia angustifolia)

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A plant that might outlive all of us.

Also known as California compass plant, this late-spring flowering perennial produces a thick expansive taproot the can extend many feet into the soil. Growing this root system takes time, and mule’s ears is slow to mature, sometimes taking years to attain a size big enough for flowering. Once established, the potential lifespan of these plants can be extraordinary, with individual plants living for many decades, perhaps even longer. If you tend a group of these, they may potentially outlive you.

Mule’s ears is named for the thick, leathery, fuzz-covered leaves that arise from the base of the plant, sometimes reaching nearly 20 inches in length. This once widespread inhabitant of moist meadows and hillsides historically ranged from Washington to California. In late spring, mule’s ears produces multiple large, cheery, sunflower-like flowerheads. It’s an excellent bee butterfly plant, and one that is worth the wait.

Approx. 100 - 120 seeds (1.4 grams).