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‘Linore’ Flax Seeds (Fiber and Food)

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A dual use annual heirloom flax, suitable for food or fiber.

Developed in 1962, at the University of Oregon, this heirloom flax (Linum usitatissimum) variety represents the spirit of regenerative agriculture – an older style, multi-use farm crop that can both feed and clothe a family -- a crop that can be planted in rotation with vegetables or grain.

Combining the best traits of both fiber and food flax varieties, Linore is a plant that can supply both high quality straw for textiles and nutritious flax seeds.

We've started trialing this crop on our farm, and are especially intrigued by its potential for companion planting with our perennial forest rye, to create a gorgeous and ancient-looking maslin crop.

Linore flax can be spring or fall sown in cool climates, and matures in about 100-days at approximately 30-inches (a bit shorter than modern hybrid fiber-flax varieties). While we have heard of folks who successfully grow this as a dryland crop without summer irrigation, we think it benefits from some soil moisture during the summer.

Like other flax varieties, Linore produces beautiful sky-blue flowers and is most attractive to insects in very early in the morning, with less pollinator activity later in the day.

10-grams (Approximately 1500+ seeds).