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Large-Flowered Collomia Seeds (Collomia grandiflora)

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Watch bumble bees gather florescent blue pollen from this striking-looking plant! 

This is one of our favorite annual wildflowers for that tough combination of dry soils and partial shade. (Although large-flowered collomia will tolerate full sun and mesic soils as well).

It's surprising that this striking-looking plant isn't more common in ornamental landscaping, especially in mass plantings around house foundations, or under shade trees where other plants struggle. With creamy orange-white blossoms that spring forth from a large round inflorescence at the top of a phlox-like stem, this plant definitely stands out. Look closer and you'll find bright blue pollen on the flower's anthers. Watching bees remove and carry off those bold blue packages is something you will never forget. 

Large-flowered collomia is native from British Columbia to Southern California, and typically grows to about 2-feet in height. It readily grows from seed with little care, although the flowers are a favored food by deer, so exercise caution where appropriate. 

Approximately 200 seeds (0.8 grams).