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Great Camas Bulbs (Camassia leichtlinii) - Pre-Order Now for Fall 2024 (10 Ct.)

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Pre-Order Now for Fall 2024 Shipping (Shipping starts late October 2024).

One of the most divine prairie species, and possibly the most important wild food plant in parts of the Northwest.

Taller than its sibling common camas (Camassia quamash), this large, beautiful West Coast native rises to heights of more than two-feet in optimal locations, making it visible even among expansive grassy habitats.

These larger proportions also extend to large, very showy flowerheads and edible bulbs that can grow to the size of potatoes. With time, these bulbs produce offspring “scale bulbs” that break away to form new plants. This process can be accelerated periodically digging up and harvesting or replanting bulbs (ideally with a hardened stick rather than a shovel to minimize soil disturbance). With enough digging and division, populations of this plant can be steadily increased over time. Invest a little energy into tending great camas and it will pay you back with more beautiful plants -- this brilliant, almost magical relationship is worthy of some reverence.  

Great camas thrives in rich organic soils that are boggy and wet during the winter but dry out in the summer. It has a bit of tolerance for partial shade allowing it to grow in both open meadows and sun-dappled savanna conditions beneath oaks or fruit trees.

As is normal for soil-dwelling plant parts, bulbs may have some light surface mold on them -- this is normal and not harmful to the plant. Also note, deer are highly attracted to the flowers of great camas and will quickly browse them if they are able.

Pre-order now for fall shipping (beginning in late October -- on a first order in -- first order out basis). 

PLEASE NOTE: Due to phytosanitary restrictions, we are unable to ship bulbs to Canada. 

-- We offer these in units of 10 large, flowering-sized bulbs --