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False Solomon Seal Seeds (Maianthemum racemosum)

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An arching woodland perennial, for ground cover, pollinator value, and wildlife habitat.

Widespread across most of temperate North America, false Solomon Seal has arching, 2 to 3-foot long stems with alternating lance-shaped leaves, and sprays of springtime white flower panicles (frequented by various forest beetles, flies, and bumble bees).

Late in the growing season, false Solomon seal forms striking red berry clusters, not edible to people, but excellent as wildlife food. The foliage however remains largely deer-resistant.

This is definitely a shade-garden plant, one that prefers moist soils with rich organic matter and cool understory temperatures. Under favorable conditions false Solomon seal can slowly spread via underground rhizomes to form beautiful woodland colonies – a useful trait for shady areas where other wildflowers are poorly adapted

Approximately 50 to 100 seeds (5.0 grams).