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100 Plants to Feed the Bees (A Xerces Society Book – Hardcover Edition)

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First published in 2016 – this book was inspired by some of the classic “honey plant” guides of the last century (such as Frank Chapman Pellett’s splendid 1920 book, American Honey Plants) – except this is a bit more broadly focused not simply on plants for honey bees – but for native bees as well.

With 100 genus-level profiles of plants, the book endeavors to curate and highlight the most exceptionally attractive and rewarding plants for pollinator conservation efforts. Along with photos, the detailed plant profiles include:

  • Basic range maps for where the plants occur
  • Botanical descriptions
  • Preferred habitat locations
  • Specialist wild bees associated with particular plants
  • Potential or historic honey yields (where such records exist)
  • Notable butterfly and moth associates

Additionally, introductory sections include basic guidance on planning new pollinator foraging areas. The guide even includes a handy reference to the average number of seeds per pound for the common wildflowers of North America – a useful tool for calculating seeding rates when planning your next Bee Pasture.

This is the hardcover edition, 240-pages in length.

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