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Yellow Monkeyflower Seeds (Erythranthe guttata)

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Also known as seep-spring monkey flower (and formerly classified as Mimulus guttatus), there is extensive research on this plant, in part because of its wide variations in form and lifecycle -- which includes both annual and perennial plants, and plants of varying sizes and foliage. These variable characteristics continue to prompt discussion about whether this plant is actually multiple separate species, or subspecies.

Yellow monkeyflower occurs across western North America from northern Canada to Mexico, and can be found in both coastal and inland locations. It is consistently most associated with wet locations such as pond edges, or even growing directly in water as a fully aquatic plant with floating foliage. It has lobed, deep-yellow flowers with red inner spots that readily attract bumble bees, which force their way into the inner reaches of the flowers.

Individual plants may be as small as just a few inches in height, or sprawling masses of more than 2 feet arising from creeping networks of rhizomes.

This is an interesting addition to rain gardens and bioswales, even in urban areas with polluted storm water runoff. In conditions that it really likes, it can be extremely prolific, but even under less than optimal conditions it can co-exist reasonably well with other wetland emergent vegetation, such as sedges. We've even found this plant growing out of a pavement crack in the middle of Seattle!

0.1 grams (Approximately 5000 seeds)