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Red Viking Meadowfoam Seeds (Limnanthes alba var. Red Viking)

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This gorgeous white meadowfoam is a selected population from Oregon, characterized by big seeds, abundant milky-white flowers, and unique red stems. Red Viking is also unique for us with a slightly larger seed-size than other white meadowfoam populations we have experience with -- and because many of the flowers buds have an beautiful pink color to them before they open up as fully white flowers.

Meadowfoam is an extraordinary nectar flower, attracting many bee species, and producing a strongly vanilla-marshmallow flavored honey.

These plants will do best on seasonally wet ground (winter flooding is great), and in full sun. For best results all meadowfoam should be planted in fall in mild climates (such as the Pacific Coast), but can be seeded in early spring in cold climates. Here on the west coast, this plant is well adapted from southeastern Alaska to the California Central Coast. It likely does very well in other locations with cool, moderate weather during the spring growing season.

This is a new crop for us, but we are working to steadily increase the amount of seed available. (Check back in future years as we hope to increase packet sizes as we gain more experience with this variety). Note that all meadowfoam species are annuals but they are often good at reseeding themselves on favorable sites.

Approximately 60-seeds (0.7 grams).