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Puget Gumweed Seeds (Grindelia integrifolia)

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The best late season bee plant in the Pacific Northwest!

Native from Alaska south to Oregon, this resinous sunflower relative provides an abundance of reliable, nectar-rich flowers beginning in late summer and often continuing into earlier winter.

Its typical habitat includes wet meadows and prairies, driftwood covered beaches, rocky river and saltwater shorelines and more. This range of habitats is possible because of gumweed’s high tolerance for harsh soil conditions including droughty, compacted, low fertility, saline, and more.

Flowers attract large numbers of butterflies, honey bees, syrphid flies, and native bees including the native wetland-prairie long-horned bee (Melissodes pullatela). Flowers are unusually attractive to the great copper butterfly (Lycaena xanthoides). We also tend to see large numbers of goldfinches happily devouring the seeds where this plant has established in home gardens.

Approximately 400 seeds (1.7 grams).