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Henderson’s Checkermallow Seeds (Sidalcea hendersonii)

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Formerly occurring from Oregon to Alaska in tidal marshes and wet meadows near the coast, this magenta-bloomed plant has significantly declined across most of its former habitat and may completely disappear in the wild at some point. Despite its coastal lineage and adaptation to wet soils (including wet, saline soils), Henderson’s checkermallow is remarkably well adapted to a very wide range of conditions, and has a good reputation for thriving in home flower gardens.

Mature plants develop a low clump of scallop-shaped leaves, then send up tall shoots of bright magenta flowers, similar to a small hollyhock. With abundant water, plants will continue to produce new flowers in succession over several summer months.

We have very good success growing this plant from seed in plug trays by sowing it outdoors in the fall (or after cold stratification in a refrigerator). The seedlings are quite small throughout the first year, but will rapidly grow in size during their second year and begin flowering.

This is a plant with some interesting mysteries, including its association with various specialist mallow-family insects, especially various uncommon native bees in the genus Diadasia. It also produces both bisexual flowers and male-sterile (female) flowers, and has distinctly different upper and lower leaf types. We hand collect seeds from this plant on our farm and will only have a limited amount of seed annually.

Approximately 100 seeds per packet. (0.25 grams).