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Creeping Spikerush Seeds (Eleocharis palustris)

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As the common name makes clear, this is a rush-like plant that "creeps" or spreads by underground rhizomes.

The scientific name is a bit more elegant with the genus roughly translating to "marsh grace." And it is indeed a graceful, vibrant green, leafless plant that can grow in standing water up to several feet deep, as well as in boggy areas that dry out slightly in the summer. It can even tolerate slightly brackish water. These attributes make it excellent erosion control species that can buffer shoreline areas of lakes, ponds, estuaries, slow moving rivers, wet ditches, and rain gardens. It's even a beautiful container plant for miniature potted wetland gardens.

Creeping spikerush is readily used by waterfowl for food and as a nesting substrate, and it naturally occurs across most of the northern hemisphere.

1.0 grams (Approximately 1000 seeds)