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Peening Set (For Meadow & Light Bush - and - Grass & Lawn Scythes)

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An essential tool for maintaining the cutting performance of scythes.

Peening is the simple maintenance process of hammering the sharp cutting edge of scythe blades to keep them thin and easy to sharpen in the field with a whetstone. In the same way a razor blade holds a sharp edge due to its thinness, scythe blades are optimally maintained with peening to keep a very thin cutting edge.

The peening jig kit makes this process easy. Designed to be mounted in a block of wood, or a log round, the jig holds the blade correctly to allow for fast, easy peening, with a standard 1-lb. carpenter’s hammer. Two different striking caps fit onto the jig, which are used to create a progressively thinner cutting edge.

In addition to thinning the blade for holding a super sharp cutting edge, peening can correct nicks or small cracks in blades that might occur from hitting stones or other hard objects. Best performed periodically (e.g. after heavy cutting), this is the finest peening jig available, crafted of steel in Austria by the Schröckenfux scythe factory. Numerous imitations exist on the market, most of which have inferior shaping and heft, requiring more work for blade maintenance.

Instructions included.