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Meadow & Light Brush Scythe (Schröckenfux)

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The optimal tool for maintaining tall prairies, meadows, and wild grasslands.

The Schröckenfux meadow & light brush scythe smoothly and lightly trims back taller grasses and wildflower stems, takes down encroaching seedling trees, and emerging invasive weeds. Excellent for selective removal of big biennial thistles, this is also nimble enough to perform routine annual meadow maintenance.  

For optimal longevity, and plant diversity, meadows should be rough cut at least rotationally and periodically to reduce woody plant invasion, and the build up of excess stems and thatch. Scythes are the optimal tool for this task -- safer for wildlife – and precise, scythes are like a surgical instrument in a meadow. Users can easily spot and leave select plants uncut, such late blooming wildflowers. With practice, the cut biomass will naturally fall into windrows that can be easily raked up and used for garden mulch or animal bedding. They are a joy to swing.

For the people who practice it, scything is more than just an effective and easy land maintenance practice. Scything offers an ideal, stable, healthy, no-impact full body exercise, a noise-free form of meditation, and a close connection to the land – allowing for the most close and intimate knowledge of your meadow’s ecology.

This set includes a lightweight, 50-cm hard steel Schröckenfux blade with a wide beard (the part of the blade, nearest the tang) to provide strong cutting power through taller vegetation – basically with the swinging power to smoothly cut any stems roughly up to the diameter of a pinky finger. The toe (the tip area) has a reenforced back to prevent breaking if it strikes a rock. The snath (aka handle) is an exceptionally strong, but lightweight tubular steel with adjustable ash wood handles.

This tool is pre-sharpened and ready to use. For maintenance we recommend frequent sharpening with the medium-grit Austrian "Styria" whetstone, and occasional peening for maintenance and to fix cracks or dents in the cutting edge. See the peening kit product description for more information.

NOTE: We offer this premium tool as a complete blade and handle alone -- or as a discounted bundle with the sharpening stone, stone belt holster, and peening kit.

(Handle: 150cm/59-inch length; Blade: 50cm/20-inch length)

Assembly and use instructions included.

Refund Policy: Please note we are very happy to provide a full refund on scythes that are returned in new and unused condition.