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Grass & Lawn Scythe (Schröckenfux Gartensense)

Original price $298.55 - Original price $425.55
Original price
$298.55 - $425.55
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Mow grass efficiently without noise, fuel, fumes.

The narrow blade of this tool is designed for very light, succulent vegetation, such as lush, green grass, clovers, and young, tender green cover crops, etc. It can easily substitute for a lawn mower to maintain turf and wild lawns – cutting at the same pace and speed as a machine in experienced hands with minimal effort.

Alongside fire and digging sticks, scythes are one of the original meadow management tools. While operating a scythe takes practice, once learned the movement become something like learning to swim or ride a bike – natural, easy, and relaxing even when it may have seemed initially difficult.

Hand-forged, in a Bavarian shop that has made high quality scythe blades since the 1500s, this is an extremely light and nibble 75-cm scythe blade that quickly cuts large swathes – quietly and elegantly. This is paired with a lightweight, but strong curved metal handle (aka snath) with spacing-adjustable ash wood grips.

This tool is pre-sharpened and ready to use. For maintenance we recommend frequent touching up with the natural fine-grit Slovakian "Rozsutec" whetstone, and occasional peening for maintenance and to fix cracks or dents in the cutting edge.

See the peening kit product description for more information.

NOTE: We offer this premium tool as a complete blade and handle alone -- or as a discounted bundle with the sharpening stone, stone belt holster, and peening kit.

With care, this tool will last more than a century.

(Handle: 150cm/59-inch length; Blade: 75cm/29.5-inch length).

Assembly and use instructions included.

Refund Policy: Please note we are very happy to provide a full refund on scythes that are returned in new and unused condition.