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Dogbane Hemp Seeds (in the pod) (Apocynum cannabium)

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A milkweed relative, dogbane hemp is possibly the pre-eminent wild fiber plant of North America, producing tough fibrous stems that were rolled and pounded by first people into individual fiber strands for braiding or weaving into useful ropes, lashings, and sturdy textiles.

Just as fascinating are the natural interactions of this plant – a host species for the stunning dogbane leaf beetle (a jewel-like metallic gold and purple leaf feeder) – and a host of many dramatic and extraordinary pollinators such as large, solitary (and gentle) grasshopper-predating wasps, and countless tiny wild bees. Not only does dogbane attract remarkable pollinator diversity, these pollinators show up in remarkable numbers.

Native across most of the continental U.S., our population of dogbane originates from an expansive river flood plain where it has access to good year-round soil moisture and open, sunny conditions. In those conditions, once established it seems to have competed well with invasive species such as reed canary grass (it is actually one of the few wildflowers still present and pushing back against the invasive grass). Plants are somewhat branching, but mostly upright, and about 4-feet high at maturity.


  • We’re offering this handsome plant in the form of its natural, beautiful deep reddish-brown seed pod -- SOME PODS WILL NATURALLY DRY OUT AND SPLIT WITHIN THEIR PACKET.
  • With one pod per packet, there is rough average of 40 to 100 seeds per pod.
  • Each is pod is unique, and each varies according to seed count.
  • If your pod is not yet open, you will want to carefully crack one end of the seed pod with your fingers and gently peel it apart to reveal the seeds, each with its own incredibly packed parachute. Experience the wonder of releasing these seeds and note just how densely packaged each seed is within the sublime, narrow pod.