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Common Milkweed Seeds (Asclepias syriaca)

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Arguably the most iconic and widespread of the North American Asclepias genus, common milkweed naturally occurs east of the 100th meridian (essentially east of the Rocky Mountains) where a growing cohort of our website’s visitors are coming from, and for folks in the West who are interested in this plant as an interesting garden specimen, or food and fiber plant.

Bearing thick, succulent stems and broad rubbery leaves, common milkweed can form small rhizomatous colonies of multi-stemmed plants (making it best for spaces that accommodate this). In summer, this robust 4 to 5-foot tall plant produces a globe-like inflorescence of pale lavender flowers of extraordinary fragrance, and large flows of flower nectar.

While the green seed pods can apparently be cooked and eaten (we haven’t tried it and don’t endorse it!), if left to develop these pods will dry and ripen in the fall to reveal plush, beautiful seed fluff that is sometimes gathered as a high quality, hypo-allergenic pillow and bedding filler.

Approximately 150 seeds per packet. (1.1 grams).