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Broadleaf Milkweed Seeds (Asclepias latifolia)

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This is not a Northwestern Native, but rather is a plant of the central and southern plains and the desert southwest (roughly Nebraska to California). Still, given the interest in monarch butterfly conservation and out of an appreciation for the milkweed genus, we’ve had many folks reaching out asking about other milkweed species to use as interesting botanical specimens for their gardens. After discovering this often-overlooked member of the milkweed clan in our travels, we thought it might be as interesting to others as it is to us.

Standing at nearly 3-feet in mature height, this is a very sturdy plant with (as the name suggests) big, rubbery, Dr. Seuss-like leaves, pronounced with enormous bulging veins. The whole affair resembles something like a reptile crossed with a cabbage.

Keep this in dry, sunny locations at maturity for the most impressive results!

Approximately 150 seeds. (1.1 grams).