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Barestem Biscuitroot Seeds (Lomatium nudicaule)

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A fascinating native member of the carrot family.

Blooming at roughly the same time as camas, this unusual-looking plant creates a dazzling color contrast in spring meadows.

Barestem biscuitroot is a bit of a mystery. It’s known to be a historical native food plant, but detailed records of how it was used are limited. It does however have an amazingly strong celery-like smell, and produces large sunflower-like seeds. Its bright yellow flowering globes spring forth atop leafless stalks, with the waxy green foliage remaining close to the ground.

This is an excellent plant for attracting small native bees, interesting syrphid flies, and butterflies. Barestem biscuitroot is very good for dry soils, surviving from a deep taproot, although it is fairly adaptable to different soil conditions. This is a plant for full sun and is native from British Columbia to California.  

Approximately 150 seeds (3.0 grams).