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Western Fescue Seeds (Festuca occidentalis)

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A mounding, tufted, native fine-leaved fescue for wild lawns, septic drain fields, parks, pet enclosures, and more.

Western fescue is a widespread native member of its genus, occurring from California to the northern Rockies, with disjunct populations in the northern Great Lakes.

Mostly growing in loose tufts (and not spreading by rhizomes), this grass is highly tolerant of partial shade, deer, foot traffic, and extended periods without rain (it goes dormant during droughts and dry seasons).

This grass (and other fine-leaved fescues) make for exceptional wild lawns that require only occasional mowing (typically only twice a year, in the spring and fall), and grow reliably and durably without water or fertilizer. If left unmowed, western fescue will produce seed heads that approach almost two-feet tall in height, while the thin, soft blades remain shorter and arch over into undulating mounds (that resemble lush, miniature green hills).

For reliability in lawn applications, fescues are usually combined into multi-species mixes, most often with related species such as red fescue, Roemer’s fescue, and Idaho fescue. Such mixed combinations create a resilient foundational matrix that is more resistant than any single species turf alone.

To maximize biodiversity (and support pollinators and beneficial insects), various other low-growing species can be co-planted with western fescue, such as yaak yarrow, self heal, poverty oatgrass, prairie junegrass, Chamisso sedge, blue eyed grass, golden-eyed grass, creeping thyme, and wild blue flax.

Western fescue is an excellent caterpillar hostplant for multiple species of skipper butterflies.

Seeding Rates: 14-grams (approx. 3000 to 6000 seeds) can form a solid turf on about 100 to 200 square feet when mixed with an inert bulking material and evenly spread across bare soil. In combination with other the seed of other grass and wildflower species in new plantings, sow at a total rate of 60 to 100 seeds per square foot for best effect.

Packet Size: 14 grams (Approximately 3000 to 6000 seeds).