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Baby Blue Eyes Seeds (Nemophila menziesii) – Large Pack

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Plant in masses with this large-pack.

Dream-like, low growing, and robin’s egg blue (with white centers), this abounding little annual adds a vibrant punch of color to spring meadows, lawns, partially shaded understories, and even to less than ideal planting sites (such as compacted ground and poor soils).

Baby blue eyes are native from Oregon to Mexico, with some white-flowered subspecies (ours are blue), and they are quite adaptable beyond their specific native range, without becoming invasive -- and they are fairly deer resistant.

This genus, Nemophila, comes from the Greek term meaning "grove loving" or "woodland loving," and in wild conditions, baby blue-eyes do tend to thrive in dappled woodland understories, but they are also quite carefree and at home in meadows, grasslands, coastal bluffs – AND – in containers, and garden beds. (This is a fantastic native plant for containers).

Baby blue eyes flowers in mid-to-late-spring, and can be fall sown in moderate climates, or spring sown in areas with cold winters.

This is a great plant to establish in large drifts, especially in lawns with other low growing wildflowers such as yaak yarrow, self heal, and with fine-leaved fescue grasses (e.g. red fescue, sand fescue, western fescue, Molate fescue, etc.).

To introduce baby blue eyes into a lawn, first mow the grass as low as possible (scalping it), and remove the clippings. Then use a core aerator (which can be rented at many hardware stores) to create openings in the turf. Immediately over-seed the lawn (this should all be performed during the appropriate planting season).

Large Pack: Approximately 6000+ seeds (0.5 ounces).