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Roemer's Fescue Seeds (Festuca idahoensis ssp. romeri)

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A perfect native grass for inter-planting with wildflowers!

Native west of the Cascades, Roemer’s fescue was once a dominant grass in prairies and oak savannas. It thrives on thin well drained soils (typically those with shallow bedrock layers), but it is widely adaptable and can establish in deeper, moist soils, and partial shade as long as weedy non-native grasses are controlled.

Because of its bunchy form and non-aggressive growth habit, it mixes perfectly with wildflowers, creating a true meadow plant community. Roemer’s fescue has thin leaf blades, seed heads that reach up to a foot in height, and varies in color from rich silver blue to green to purple or red. It is a likely host plant for the woodland skipper butterfly (Ochlodes sylvanoides) and is a dominant grass in habitats occupied by the endangered mardon skipper (Polites mardon).

Approximately 4000 seeds (8 grams) - a nice amount to seed around 100 to 200 square feet!