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Field Mint Seeds (Mentha arvensis)

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Not to be confused with non-native mints such as spearmint, peppermint, pennyroyal, and others, this is our beautifully fragrant native wild mint, a plant that naturally occurs in ever-damp soils, such as mountain streambanks, poorly drained meadows, and even around coastal wetlands.

Field mint spreads by underground rhizomes, but not aggressively like its exotic relatives, never becoming a weedy menace. The long-lasting nectar-rich flowers, make it a great little bee plant, and the strong/sweet smell of the foliage make it a neat addition to herb gardens.

Note that the seeds of this plant are tiny! This makes it a challenge to get started, and it’s a plant that we recommend starting in containers, then transplanting it into the ground when the plants are big enough to support themselves. Mature plants can be dug up and new plants can be created from root clippings.

Use good lighting, good magnification, and damp planting media to get this plant started. Sow seeds on the surface, and keep the seedlings in well ventilated and cool area.

Approximately 200-300 extremely tiny seeds per packet. (0.1 grams).