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Bicolor Lupine Seeds (Lupinus bicolor)

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A low-growing annual for creating colorful swales.

Bicolor lupine is a tiny plant, often staying less than 6-inches tall, and yet this little annual creates a nice clump of spreading foliage and small blue and white flowers, making it an excellent seasonal ground cover. Combine it with other low-growing annuals such as meadowfoam, popcorn flower, giant blue-eyed Mary, and tomcat clover for a sweeping color effect.  

We’ve had great success with this this plant in terrible gravel soils where few other plants survive, and yet it also grows well in wet soils. Bicolor lupine flowers are visited by pollen-gathering bumble bees, and it’s a butterfly host plant for numerous species. It’s deer-resistant and native from Alaska to California.

Approximately 125 seeds per packet (1.2 grams).