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Narrowleaf Milkweed Seeds (Asclepias fascicularis)

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Native from western Mexico to British Columbia, this is arguably a cornerstone of monarch butterfly breeding habitat across large sections of the Inland West.

We like narrowleaf milkweed for its good tolerance to drought its ability to eek out surviving populations of itself, even in abused landscapes and areas overrun with invasive species. As a native dryland plant, we aren’t sure how it might perform in areas of more moisture, but it might make an interesting garden plant, one that is guaranteed to attract a stunning array of pollinating insects, even if monarchs don’t actually find it.

Reaching about 3-feet in mature height, narrow leaf milkweed does indeed produce long, thin, almost grass-like leaves. Surprisingly large pink or white blooms are borne upon the thin foliage and stems, almost giving the impression of the flower clusters floating unsupported above the surrounding vegetation.

Approximately 200 seeds. (1.0 grams).