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Golden-Eyed Grass Seeds (Sisyrinchium californicum)

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Our Most Deer-Resistant Plant!

Occurring from British Columbia to California, this diminutive iris-relative grows ridiculously well in very wet, boggy, conditions -- as well as in the damp crevices within rock gardens.

Not bothered by seasonal flooding, or dense clay soils, this is little plant (not getting much larger that 8 to 10 inches) is also completely deer resistant, and tolerates a bit of occasional mowing. While a bit slow to start from seed, once established, you can dig and divide this plant like a common garden iris, providing a constant source of many new plants to spread around your landscape. Plant this around downspouts or in rain gardens and watch it take off. Use it as an actual pond plant within semi-submerged containers. It even works in miniature "container bogs" as a kind of bonsai, happy with confined spaces and no drainage.

Golden-eyed grass has long, continuous blooms over much of the growing season. We know very little about this plant's insect associates, but the flowers are visited by syrphid flies, and small mining bees, some likely specialists of this genus. 

Approximately 200 seeds (0.2 grams).