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Chamisso Sedge Seeds (Carex pachystachya)

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One of the best grass-substitutes for combining with wildflower plantings.

While most sedges have specific associations with wetlands or wet environments, Chamisso sedge is also tolerant of drier, upland conditions.

This grass-like plant produces handsome brown seedheads on top of long, graceful, upright, slender stalks. It is wonderful for integrating with wildflowers, creating minimal competition for light or space. The long, texture-rich foliage towers above smaller flowers, creating an interesting substitute for grass.

This is definitely a plant for full sun conditions and it germinates best with light exposure, so surface sowing is ideal. Chamisso sedge is deer-resistant, and native from Alaska to California.

Approximately 1000 to 2000 seeds per packet (2.0 grams).