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Common Camas Bulbs (Camassia quamash) - Pre-Order Now for Fall 2024

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Pre-Order Now For Fall 2024 Shipping (Shipping starts late October 2024).

Native across much of the West, the stunning violet-blue flowers of camas historically lit up prairies, marshes, and oak savannas in the spring. When grown from seed, camas can take several years to grow into a large enough plant for flowers to appear. Bulbs jumpstart this process and can be combined with seed to create large areas that eventually become more and more filled with this spectacular species.

Camas once dominated open clearings maintained by innovative native people who carefully tended large grasslands to maintain optimal growing conditions, in ways that we now only barely can comprehend. Historically bulbs were dug in the spring and pit roasted to breakdown the complex carbohydrates into simpler sweet caramelized sugars, providing a staple food for thousands of years.

Camas is lily-like in appearance with grassy leaves, typically growing up to a foot and a half tall, and it prefers loose, fertile soils.

As is normal for soil-dwelling plant parts, bulbs may have some light surface mold on them -- this is normal and not harmful to the plant.

Pre-order now for fall shipping (beginning in late October -- on a first order in -- first order out basis). 

-- Available in units of 100 or 200 bulbs --

PLEASE NOTE: Due to phytosanitary restrictions, we are unable to ship bulbs to Canada.