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Western Coneflower Seeds (Rudbeckia occidentalis)

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One of the more striking and interesting native wildflowers of the West, this tall, unusual looking plant has no ray flowers, but produces a large, prominent brown cone of disk flowers with a ring of green bracts below. This fascinating visual configuration gave rise to the alternate common name for this plant: ‘green wizard’, as it looks like an otherworldly magician’s scepter.

Western coneflower is a taller plant, sometimes reaching more than 4 to 5 feet in height, and is very long-lived, producing a thick rhizome. It typically occurs in mid to high elevation meadows with damp soils, but it grows as a fine garden plant even at sea level. We recommend starting it in containers with winter stratification since it begins small, from tiny seeds and is slow to get started.

Watch for numerous metallic green Agapostemon sweat bees on western coneflower, as well as the occasional bumble bee, and much more! This is an excellent cut flower with a long vase life – and it adds a totally distinct and interesting visual element to wildflower arrangements.

Approximately 100 seeds per packet. (0.4 grams)