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Tomcat Clover Seeds (Trifolium willdenovii)

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One of the showiest native clovers – suitable for ornamental, food crop, or wildlife plantings!

Among native West Coast clovers, this species is one of the showiest, with crown-like white-tipped magenta flowers topping upright 8 inch stems. We’ve seen this interesting re-seeding annual plant at scattered locations from the San Juan Islands down into the northern lost coast of California, occurring in thin veins of soil on scattered rock outcroppings, graced by redwoods and Oregon grape.

Like many native clovers, this species is a historic food plant for native people with tender edible foliage and stems. Note that this palatability is also valued by deer, rabbits, and slugs, so we recommend taking precautions to protect this plant from herbivores.

Tomcat clover enjoys seasonally wet locations, and can be interseeded into grass, as long as the thatch layer is minimal and the seed can work its way down onto the soil surface. It’s also an excellent plant for small-space native gardens such as containers or raised beds where larger native wildflowers may be harder to accommodate.

This is a thick packet of approximately 2000 seeds (4.0 grams).