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Seablush Seeds (Plectritis congesta)

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An early spring icon!

This adaptable annual with powder-puff pink blossoms naturally occurs in damp grassy meadows with common camas and western buttercup, as well as on the back dunes of coastal beaches among short statured grasses, and in dry rocky glacial outwash soils where it sometimes forms beautiful expansive swaths. Its primary requirement is sun, and although it usually stays within 6 to 12 inches in height, it can occasionally grow larger in rich/moist soils (usually producing more blossoms as well).

Although not deer-proof, seablush isn’t a favorite food source for deer. It is however a host plant for the endangered Taylor’s checkerspot butterfly (Euphydryas editha taylori), and attracts interesting clearwing moths, bumble bees, and a striking range of other early spring pollinators.

We’ve had great luck and beautiful results companion planting seablush with Douglas meadowfoam. Or combine with meadowfoam, globe gilia, and farewell-to-spring to create a vibrant continuous all-annual blooming wildflower show from spring through late summer.

Approximately 400-500 seeds. (0.6 grams).