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Meadow Barley Seeds (Hordeum brachyantherum)

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One of the most adaptable native grasses for meadow landscaping.

This is one of the first grasses we recommend for people trying to incorporate native grasses and wildflowers together. Meadow barley maintains a graceful upright stature without a huge amount of biomass or producing a thick leafy base. The result is a plant that is good at co-mingling with other species, whether smaller wildflowers such as Douglas meadowfoam, or larger more spreading species such as Puget gumweed (both of which combine very well with meadow barley).

Among grasses, this is a fast-growing species, with an ability to adapt to a wide range of different circumstances, from salty sea level marshes to high alpine meadows. It needs full sun, but can otherwise tolerate many different soil and drainage conditions. Found from Alaska to California, meadow barley develops handsome brassy-colored seed heads on 2-foot tall stalks. If we had to recommend only one-grass for inclusion in most meadow seed mixes in the Northwest, this would be the one.

Approximately 3000 seeds (8 grams) - a nice amount to seed around 100 to 200 square feet!