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Fragrant Popcorn Flower Seeds (Plagiobothrys figuratus)

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A plant that can literally grow in puddles.

Fragrant popcorn flower has a fascinating ecology as a vernal pool plant. In wild settings, the seeds survive under water in seasonally flooded fields and ponds, germinating as the water recedes, and forming widespread mats of white blooming color in early summer.

In some cases, during fluctuating spring water levels, newly emerged plants may become dislodged, float to a new location, and re-root themselves as the water level drops. These novel adaptations have allowed popcorn flower to spread across large seasonally wet landscapes.

Historically common across Oregon, parts of Western Washington, and a few areas in southern British Columbia, fragrant popcorn is now uncommon as wet meadows have been drained and converted to farm fields and subdivisions.

Despite its adaptation to wet sites, fragrant popcorn flower can survive in some upland locations if it has sufficient rain and limited competition from other plants. Still, this is a great plant to try growing in poorly drained yards that dry out in the summer, as well as bioswales and rain gardens.

Approximately 400 to 500 seeds per packet (0.5 grams).