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Farewell to Spring Seeds (Clarkia amoena)

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Our most dramatic summer annual for mass planting.

For a spectacular mid-summer neon wildflower show, almost nothing compares to the stunning impact of this gorgeous, carefree native plant.

Not only does this flower create a stunning impact among otherwise grass-dominated meadows, it is also relatively good at re-seeding itself, which is uncommon among other annual wildflowers in our region. Under optimal conditions, farewell-to-spring blooms over a long period from late June to early August. And although it thrives with a bit of water, it also tolerates very dry conditions. Similarly, it prefers full sun, but can tolerate the dappled shade of Garry oak savannas (or partially shaded city lots!).

Our Farewell-to-Spring has some color variability, but most blossoms are big and brilliant pink with characteristic white petal streaks. (Please note it is a blend of West Coast subspecies, not a single genetic line). The average height is about 2-feet in most settings. This is also one of the better native species for long-lasting cut flowers, it is more deer resistant than many wildflowers, and it readily germinates even in the peak of winter, setting down roots for the long summer bloom. What’s not to love?

Farewell-to-Spring is a host plant for the large Clark’s sphinx moth (Proserpinus clarkiae), and the astounding looking Pacific green sphinx moth (Proserpinus lucidus).

Approximately 2000 seeds (2.0 grams).