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Diamond Clarkia Seeds (Clarkia rhomboidea)

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With spade or diamond-shaped bright pink petals, and anthers bearing blue-grey pollen, this nice annual is striking to look at. Even better, it’s typically easy to grow and very adaptable with a natural tendency to show up in dry pine forests and oak savannahs in late spring, with the most prolific appearances in recently burned sites.

In Washington diamond clarkia is mostly found east of the Cascades, while in Oregon and northern California it extends west to the coast. At around one foot in mature height, with late spring blooms, it’s a great plant for any site sun or shade with medium to dry soils. We think it has excellent potential as a rock garden plant, in solar farm seed mixes, and partially shaded urban settings with poor soil conditions. Note this is a hostplant for the giant, hummingbird-like bedstraw hawkmoth (Hyles gallii).

Approximately 1000 seeds (0.6 grams).