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The Opposite of Digital - Northwest Meadowscapes

The Opposite of Digital

We don’t blog enough. At least not as much as you are “supposed” to for maximizing your social media marketing impact. Mostly we don’t blog much because the internet is sort of exhausting – an artificial ecosystem where nothing much is real.

Our life as a family and as a business is inherently analog. As adult farmers/business owners/ecologists we came of age in an earlier era – one of zines and cassette mixed tapes – a kind of DIY punk culture that was once commonplace.

Most of what we do with this business is a holdover of those sensibilities. We make every single seed envelope by hand out of recycled paper on a manual die-cutting machine. We fold every single envelope by hand, paste it shut, and then fill it with seed. We mail these tiny treasures off to you in boxes sealed with paper tape, avoiding every bit of plastic possible in the process. You can compost everything when you’re done, or reuse it.

We’re the opposite of digital – we’re a little seed-selling family business that wishes for a more wildflower-filled world.

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