Mason Bee Nest Tubes
Mason Bee Nest Tubes

Mason Bee Nest Tubes


Attract native mason bees to your garden or farm.

We’ve kept gentle native mason bees for years in our own backyard gardens and more recently on the farm both for their value as pollinators, and because they are simply fascinating to watch and a great way to help connect the kids with wild things.

These tubes (7-inches in length, and 5/16-inch in diameter) are made of sturdy cardboard and readily attract wild mason bees in the spring, especially when they are located in sunny spots, near forest edges or in backyard gardens with an abundance of early-blooming flowers.

To use them, you will need to plug the back end of the tubes (we recommend a dab of non-toxic wood glue), and place them in a container to protect them from rain (such as a short length of PVC pipe or a coffee can). To reduce the build-up of diseases and pollen mites, it’s best to not concentrate huge numbers of bees in a single nesting site (such as by using more than 100 tubes) and to periodically replace old tubes with new ones. Note that to aid in bee navigation some of the tubes have black openings, while some are plain brown. 

Several good sources of information on mason bee biology and how to attract them can be found here:

Quantity: 50 Tubes.