Our Farm

A special note to chefs, foragers, and natural food companies: Watch this space for future developments. We are working to develop one of the Northwest’s most innovative centers for wild food harvesting.

Located on Washington’s Whidbey Island, we are working to develop a farm model that values conservation as much as crop production. Our land is part of an expansive meadow, forest, and wetland complex that buffers one of the few relatively intact brackish water lagoon systems on the island's east side. It’s an incredible place, and one that sustains populations of quail, juvenile salmon, raptors, unique bee and butterfly species, and extensive shellfish beds.

The farm was originally homesteaded in the late 1800s, and has been in constant crop production since that time, culminating in commercial vegetable crops in the 1970s and 80s, and hay production in the 1990s and 2000s. With our acquisition of the land we are slowly transitioning it to a native plant based farm that will eventually include:

  • Diversified hedgerows comprised of harvestable food crops such as salmonberry, thimbleberry, salal, huckleberry, native hazelnuts, and much more
  • Harvestable wild meadow plants including camas, checker lily, wild onions, nettles, and others
  • An agroforestry orchard with heirloom French cider apples grafted onto native Pacific crabapple rootstock
  • Complete replacement of Eurasian pasture grasses with native meadow plants for our seed business

We are actively interested in developing partnerships with chefs and food companies that value these ingredients and would like to be a part of what we do. Additionally, we are exploring the concept of community supported foraging and may offer foraging field days and foraging membership opportunities in the future.