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Native grasses and wildflowers give us life. These plants—so optimized for our region over tens-of-thousands of years—provide us with clean and clear salmon-filled waters, habitat for pollinators, songbirds, and other wildlife, they build healthy carbon-storing soils, they filter our air, and they create beautiful landscapes that can help mend broken communities. We exist to help foster these and the countless other benefits that all begin with the simple act of planting a seed.
Prairies and meadows are our core business. While prairies and grasslands of the Midwest, Great Plains and California are widely celebrated in our nation’s ecological history, little attention has been paid to the prairies and meadows that once existed across the Northwest. Yet, these plant communities were once among the most biologically-charged and biodiverse ecosystems in our region, supporting specialist butterflies, huge numbers of pollinators, grassland songbirds, and generations of native people who cared for these meadows as a source of foods such as camas.
Unfortunately, like prairies and meadows elsewhere, these ecosystems are almost functionally extinct in the Northwest, with less than 1% of our original prairies still in existence. Conversion of open meadows to agriculture, urbanization, forest encroachment in the absence of fire, and takeover by invasive species such as European grasses and Himalayan blackberry have eliminated nearly all remnant Northwest prairies.
With care, work, and thoughtful dedication, native prairies can come back. This is the critical time to make it happen. New climate change models forecast a world in which we need tough, beautiful, drought-tolerant native plants and the services they provide more than ever. Moreover, in the most comprehensive and sweeping research analysis of its kind ever conducted, the London Zoological Society’s 2014 global wildlife assessment now reveals that over the past 40 years Earth has lost 50% of its sheer numbers of wild animals—a consistent trend documented among thousands of species of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians.
We invite you to be the solution.
Please check out the ‘About Us’ page for more information about our tiny, family-run business. We are still a relatively young company, but one with deep roots in conservation, and great customers including Seattle City Lights, University of Washington Bothell, Cascadian Community College, and countless individuals who are working to create residential and community meadows with our seed mixes across Western Washington and Oregon.
Thank you in advance for your support and welcome to the revolution!